Nowadays answers to any question is just a click away, Google has become a lifeline for many of us. Whether we’re curious about a new type of joint roll, looking for a medical marijuana doctor or simple wondering what to do if we get “too high,” Google is always there, answering even our most impractical cannabis questions with ease. While there are dozens and dozens of people asking different things every day, these are the 10 most googled weed questions.

1. Will I get higher if I hold in my hit longer?

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When we all smoked for the first time, we were told to hold in the hit as long as possible to maximize our high. However, this simple is not true. More than 95% of the THC is absorbed into the system within seconds of inhaling.

2. If I smoke weed before exercising, will I increase endurance?

Weed and exercise

Exercising while high is great for many reasons. Cannabis raises metabolism, helps with muscle recovery after the workout and, yes, can even help to increase endurance. Cannabinoid receptors in our brain are calmed by the THC, reducing anxiety and increasing stamina.

3. Is weed stronger now than it was in the 1970’s?

Have any older smoking buddies ever commented on the fact that the cannabis of today is nothing like they had years ago? That’s because, compared to samples from the 1970s, today’s cannabis is 57-67% stronger.

4. How did cannabis become so potent?

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In years past, before legalization of any kind, more than 60% of America’s cannabis was smuggled in from Columbia. This “weed” wasn’t just buds, it was a mixture of leaves, stems and flowers all jumbled together. As cannabis knowledge grew, so did more and more potent plants.

5. Is there a way to reduce my high quickly?

We’ve all made the mistake of overindulging. For beginners, the heart-racing effects can be somewhat scary, but there’s no need to fear. Three simple and time-tested methods of reducing an overwhelming high are: drink very cold water or juice, eat spicy foods or try eating a citrus fruit – the terpenes in the fruit help to stop unwanted effects.

6. Where can I find a medical marijuana doctor?

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If you’re lucky enough to live in a state with legal cannabis, finding a doctor should be a piece of cake. A quick Google search can reveal the best and brightest cannabis-trained physicians in your area. Be sure to check patient ratings and reviews before choosing a doctor, to ensure you’re selecting the correct one for your individual needs.

7. Can I make weed wax at home?

how to make weed shatter

Many of us don’t want to settle for store-bought concentrates, we want to make our own! Dabs and other weed concentrates can be dangerous to make, but luckily some true cannabis enthusiasts discovered a way to safely make them at home using just a hair straightener and some parchment paper.

8. What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?


Even some experienced smokers don’t understand the difference between these two different types of cannabis. Indica strains are meant to calm, relax and reduce anxiety – something that would best be smoked at night, helping to achieve a restful sleep. Sativa strains induce creativity and heighten energy, great for use during wake and bake!

9. Can I become addicted to marijuana?

No, the answer is, and always has been, no. While it might be possible for individuals to form a mental need or want to smoke, there are no properties or chemicals in cannabis that make it physically addicting, like heroin or meth, which cause withdraws and severe symptoms when discontinuing use.

10. Why is weed still illegal?

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This might be the best question of all. While more than half of the United States have chosen to legalize some form of cannabis, the federal government still refuses to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 drugs.

There are many, many answers as to why cannabis remains illegal, but the most likely reasons are because the government has yet to discover exactly how to regulate the herb on a federal level. While we all might be aware that this is a load of hullabaloo, that is the most common answer. Meanwhile some countries and states have legalized the consumption of recreational and medical marijuana.